Guy Stair Sainty

Guy Stair Sainty, (born 7 December 1950) is an art dealer and author on royal genealogy and heraldry.


Sainty has contributed to many publications on art of the early modern period. He has written numerous articles on nobility, European royal dynasties, and orders of chivalry. In 1998 he assisted with the return of the Almanach de Gotha. Sainty also maintains a website detailing the histories of many chivalric orders.


  • Sacred Military Order of Constantine of Saint George, 1976 (ISBN 8400042689)
  • First Painters of the King: French Royal Taste from Louis XIV to the Revolution, 1985
  • François Boucher: His Circle and Influence, 1987
  • The Orders of Chivalry and Merit of the Bourbon Two Sicilies Dynasty, a historical survey with the statutes and recent documents, 1989 (ISBN 8459927393)
  • Eighty Years of French Painting: 1775–1855, 1991
  • The Orders of Saint John, 1991
  • La Insigne Orden de Tosón de Oro, 1996
  • Romance and Chivalry: Literature and History Reflected in Early 19th Century French Painting, 1996 (ISBN 0954769619)
  • An Eye on Nature II: French Landscape Painting from 1785–1900, 1999 (ISBN 0952235323)
  • His most important work:  Orders of Knighthood and Merit, 2006 (ISBN 0971196672)


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